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macko1944 HitmanPro.Alert 2.x
Member 7th Nov, 2013 18:43
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I was reading an article about this program and clicked on reading more in the article.It turns out,that it downloaded itself,but I did not allow when my computer asked permission for it to "run",I clicked on Cancel.Still,it is listed in my Secunia programs,though NOT in either the All programs,nor when I looked in control panel programs.I use Win 7 32 bit.This Hitman program is supposed to protect against Cryptolocker virus(and others),though still in Beta.
Please advise:is it safe.or did I make a big mistake?Thanks!I read about the program in Ghacks newsletter from Germany-I believe a very reliable and useful source of info.

mogs RE: HitmanPro.Alert 2.x
Member 7th Nov, 2013 19:04
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The program appears in the Secunia Advisories here :-

It's showing as all clear when fully patched.

Secunia don't monitor any products in Beta.....seems you should be safe enough.


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macko1944 RE: HitmanPro.Alert 2.x
Member 8th Nov, 2013 07:05
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Thank you very much for your quick and useful response,much appreciated!
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Maurice Joyce RE: HitmanPro.Alert 2.x
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1. I assume you installed Hitman because of the latest Ransom ware scare which is highlighted here?

and here:

If that is the case I would read the articles carefully if you are concerned. The important bit is that Anti Virus programmes may remove the virus but cannot unlock any encrypted files.

If need be you can join Brian's Forum to seek more information but it looks like CryptoPrevent is the only programme that can stop encryption for home users.

If you decide to use CryptoPrevent the details are here but once again I strongly recommend reading all the details before embarking on a download or changing any settings.

I am test driving it at the moment & still trying to get my head around what it actually does & more importantly how to safely reverse any changes it makes to the OS.

2.If Hitman is in BETA it should not be showing in any PSI scan. Either you have made a typing mistake or PSI is in error.

Given the odd way it appears to have been installed I would be a little bit concerned. If it is not in Control Panel>Program & Features have you found the uninstaller if you want to remove it? Where do the programme files reside?

If it is showing in PSI that will help find them as follows:



From the DASHBOARD page click on SCAN RESULTS.

1. This will list all your programmes with a + to the left of each programme.
2. Click the + sign next to the item that U want help with.
3. This will reveal the path under DETECTED INSTANCES.
4. Below DETECTED INSTANCES you will see this You can double click this row for additional information & options>double click it>a box will appear>look to the RIGHT & U will see TROUBLESHOOT REPORT in BLUE writing under the heading TOOLBOX> click TroubleShoot Report & it will reveal some information in a box>highlight the information revealed from ---START--- to ---END--- & copy it (CTRL+C) then post it to the Forum (CTRL+V)

This version does not have such an easy method to publish the path.

Open PSI>once open select Show Programs.
U will now see a page full of programme icons or a list.
Right click on the programme in error>select Show Details - that will open a box showing the path & version number of the offending file.
U now have 2 options:
1. Write down the exact file path & install version - return to the Forum & type that information.
2. Take a screen shot & publish that.

Only when you find & verify the files can you ascertain if you have made an error.

Hope this helps.

EDIT - I have done a little more research for you. The download links are here:

Hitman Pro Alert is at version & is not in BETA.
The hash file details are:
CRC32: D8C77117
MD5: 1393FBD6435180ABCD55AA93C56579E4
SHA-1: C96CDF1F5689E8DBCA78CDA843CCB08FB30E7665

This one is in BETA:

MD5: F523D0BF71673DE8299ED1F5ACC75418
SHA-1: 43DD5AD36C5B50486D0BA4BBDF880FCA6DB6293B

Once you give the path that PSI has found it should help identify which version has been installed.


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
Windows 10 Pro version 1709 (Fall Creators Update) Build 16299.64
IE & Edge Only
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