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bryan10983 Ignoring or blacklisting paths - how does it work?
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I'm trying to configure CSI to ignore software in our Group Policy directory so they don't keep coming up in reporting.
First, I set up an Ignore Rule to Ignore Host Name "fs4" (which is the server where the software resides and also Ignore Path "e:\active directory\software installs".
That didn't work, so I set up a blacklist rule to "\\domain,\corp\Active Directory\Software Installs\*" and that didn't work either.
I read the users guide and it seems like I'm doing everything right. I feel like I'm missing something obvious, so if anyone can point out what I'm not doing I would be extremely grateful.

This user no longer exists RE: Ignoring or blacklisting paths - how does it work?
Secunia Official 11th Nov, 2013 12:24

Please perform the following steps to create an applicable ignore rule:

1. Enter CSI > Scanning > Filter Scan Results > Ignore Rules
2. Click New Ignore Rule
3. Under 'Filters', select 'Ignore Selected Hosts' and press the '0 selected' button
4. Choose the Clients / Servers that you want to ignore and then save the settings.
5. Find 'Ignore Path' field and insert the local path that has to be ignored. Make sure you close the path with a backslash.

Example: C:\Backup\MyBackup\...

6. Save your settings. Wait until your Agents run another scan of the systems being ignored.
7. Check if the path in question was ignored - you shouldn't see any applications within the path.

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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