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C0nc3rn3d PSI is not that secure
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Hey guys!

Sorry for the short message on that mogs quickly closed. He must have thought it was a joke. But it wasn't. Anyway, thanks for the Wikipedia lesson, bro.

PSI downloads executables on the domain. Open up Wireshark, and see that it's NOT using SSL. The FAQ is nice and all, but of what use is it if it provides incorrect information?

Try, just like PSI, to download However, the server does support SSL, but with an outdated certificate. This is not serious, for a security company.

The only reason I said it only *seems* to be susceptible to MitM is because you may use hash verifications. Or digital signature. Please tell me you do.
Anyway, even if you do, you are still sending plain-text requests about my softwares. For example, I don't want the guys at my uni to know what software I am using.

Have you heard of the LG Smart TV controversy? This seems pretty similar to me.

mogs RE: PSI is not that secure
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Any thread automatically locks after seven days if there's no activity on it. If I'd have thought you were joking, it's likely I wouldn't have replied at all.
It seems to me that any fears you may have ,will only be allayed by an explanation from Secunia Support. If they do not pick up on a can always e mail


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