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win2b PSI unresponsive
Member 9th Dec, 2013 17:52
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I am reposting this thread because it somehow got Locked. This problem is with VERSION,
PSI A link given as a response to the prior posting failed to properly address my issue.

:::""I have installed PSI vs"""::: on UnNetworked Win XP Home sp3 system. (Browser is Firefox 25)
PSI stops responding and only indicates "loading".
No results are shown.
Following is excerpt from PSIIA.LOG:
"[11/15 02:19:57.781] Initializing Filesystem Inspector
[11/15 02:19:58.092] File Inspector initialized
[11/15 02:20:04.701] Scanning files
[11/15 02:20:14.215] EnforceDir done
[11/15 02:20:19.102] No results to submit
[11/15 02:20:24.310] EnforceDir done
[11/15 02:20:27.454]
! -> ##N2138:The Workstation service has not been started.
[11/15 02:20:27.734] EnforceDir done
[11/15 02:20:31.700] EnforceDir done"
Note the reference to the 'Workstation' service.
The program has internet access and is not blocked by a firewal.l
Any suggestions?

mogs RE: PSI unresponsive
Member 9th Dec, 2013 18:28
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UziUzi RE: PSI unresponsive
Member 11th Dec, 2013 02:31
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I've been using PSI for years.
Just decided the fix for this is to delete and uninstall PSI.

Which is a damn major shame.

I may go try to find a old v2 copy but the suggestions as how to 'fix' by going
into internet settings and set to less secure setttings just for this ... no go.

Besides, the FAQ this guy recommends we look at is as clear as mud, when
I went to internet settings to try and find the setting they mention, it was just too much mess.

I'd rather just maintain my programs by hand as I did for years.

I will miss PSI . I do hope you all get your act together again some day.

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