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romnet Long-Term Support
Member 16th Dec, 2013 11:15
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I'm interested in building my own program based on the PSI API. As PSI 3 doesn't support that, I would have to use version 2. So my question is how long version 2 is going to be supported in the future. Also I would like to know if there are any security issues with PSI 2.

Thanks in advance for your replys!

M.Hansen RE: Long-Term Support
Secunia Official 19th Dec, 2013 09:58
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Currently there is no plan on making a PSI3 API.
Unfornutately the PSI API did not get the attention we hoped.

There is of cause no security issues with Any of the Secunia PSI versions.
romnet RE: Long-Term Support
Member 19th Dec, 2013 12:36
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Thanks for the information. I also wanted to know if PSI 2 will work, e.g. get updates in the future or especially for how long (approximately, like 1 year or 10 years).

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