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nomnex Personal - This board could be more intuitive
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I have read some negative comments about the "forum page" from some unhappy users, in older posts.

I also think there is place for improvement on this board. Especially the page could be more intuitive for the benefit of the users.

Some points among others:

On the top menu: | Community |. Why not directly "Forum" for more clarity. If I follow the links: Home > Community > Forum: "Community" is empty anyway. I would keep it simple

On the forum page, there are 2 options at the top left: "Forum | Secunia Profile". A plain English word like: "Users Profile" or "Change your profile" would make things easier I guess.

The time clock is unusual. It is common to have the time setting in GMT /- (and groups of countries) What's with this infinite list: Asia countries/Europe countries/US countries, etc.? To make it standard and simple is better.

I use several boards, so it is not much of a problem, but I can image the questions of a new comer. I guess he must somehow feel proud of himself if he gets to this board and ask his question v(^^)v.


wr RE: Personal - This board could be more intuitive
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This user no longer exists RE: Personal - This board could be more intuitive
Secunia Official 6th Mar, 2009 09:23

I strongly agree that the forum needs to be updated.

We have some plans to improve the forum very soon.

Please feel free to send a mail with suggestions to

Kind regards,
Morten Hansen
Secunia PSI Support

Secunia PSI

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