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PSIJB Firefox 25 'End-of-Life'
Member 18th Dec, 2013 00:01
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My PSI complained incorrectly, "Mozilla Firefox 25.xThis program was detected as being End-of-Life", but the only update visible seems to be 'Beta', or 'Andora'(huh?).
Auto update is set, & PSI says,"Mozilla Firefox 25.x was detected as being End-of-Life" & reports there is a version 26, but it has not updated & I cannot find a way to make it update.

[Why is there no [Check for updates] convenient in Tools or Help?
It looks like you (Mozilla) are going to make the Firefox 26 title bar as stupid as Ms', rather than smarter. It would be better (smarter/ less waste of screen space, less clicky, & as easy to use as before) to allow the menu bar to be raised to the title bar rather than eliminated.]

Program Name: Mozilla Firefox 25.x
Security State: End-of-Life
Download Link:
Instances Found: C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe, version:
Last System Scan (localtime): 15. Dec 2013, 15:03
Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional,

Maurice Joyce RE: Firefox 25 'End-of-Life'
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You have duplicated your request for help by hi-jacking a thread concerned with the detection of ESR.

Have you tried updating using the Mozilla Site?

I cannot see anything wrong with the link Secunia gave you - it is version 26 & the hash file data is correct.

What hash file data have you got that makes you think Secunia are silently updating a BETA version?


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Anthony Wells RE: Firefox 25 'End-of-Life'
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Hello @PSIJB ,

The latest Release Channel Stable version of Firefox is 26.0. The PSI displays this version correctly ; the PSI does not follow/display nightlies , alpha or beta software with (almost) no exceptions .

The Firefox Release Channel "Help" menu has (for a long time now) included an "About Firefox" link ; clicking this will open a small screen and you will get an automatic version check and an offer to update as and when .

You can control how your Ff updates :-

Tools->Options->Advanced->Updates (now including auto/silent updating as default) .

Both Mozilla and Secunia agree that the least hassle way to update your software is to use the programme's internal updater or the vendor's website updater . Third party software updaters come a distant third with the PSI the best on offer where security is concerned .

Hope that is clear enuff' .

EDIT: It is possible that if you have used the PSI to "silently update" using the link displayed in your post then one of the regular problems of using this method is to leave a/the old .exe file behind . If you are showing version 26.0 in "About firefox" then you will need to delete the old 25.x .exe which the PSI detects .

Take care



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wr RE: Firefox 25 'End-of-Life'
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Hello all

I have to agree both with Maurice & Anthony-they couldn't have explained it any better concerning updating & Ff version numbers. The only possible problem I could see was your confusion in the download screen after
clicking the URL provided by the PSI. There it seems to
make 2 versions possible-26.0-24.2esr-which it does
as explained by a Secunia official in another thread.

As I understand this after downloading the update
the correct installer will be used to install either the regular or ESR version that is detected on your system.
Secunia will no longer indicate between the versions.

I use the ESR (Extended Support Release) & can verify
that after updating from v17.0.11 esr to v24.2.0 esr PSI does not show ESR after the v number as it once did.

Hope this helps.

regards, wr

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