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KBR IT CSI Agent possible deployment issue
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I\'am currently having problems with the deployement of CSI Agent

I\'am deploying updates through WSUS.

When i try to update CSI Agent with CSI Agent, Windos Updates Return the error code 2.

After searching of some computers it seems that the new version of the agent doesn\'t :

- stop correctly the windows service \"Secunia CSI Agent\"
- clear properly the install folder of the agent

In some cases files are deleted from the install folder but the windows service still exist.

After stoping the service manually or uninstalling the agent, the new version of the agent install properly.

Do you have any solution for this issue ?

Thanks in advance.

This user no longer exists RE: CSI Agent possible deployment issue
Secunia Official 29th Jan, 2014 10:43

Should you continue to experience this issue, you are recommended to open a support case with us at Troubleshooting Agents is not a procedure that could be done via the community forum because it requires you to supply our support team with information about your network that may be considered confidential and private. We kindly ask you to include brief introduction of the issue, and most importantly, we will appreciate any information about:

a) What systems failed to install the Agent? Is there any tendency that you can foresee?
b) When did the problem occur and how many machines experienced the problem?
c) Additional Agent installation log files that include errors and relevant system data.

NOTE: Installing an Agent with additional parameter -d AgentLog.txt -v would enable the Agent to log all errors it encountered upon installation of your package. You can insert these parameters within the 'var SiteName' line within the JScript template of your Agent package. You first need to specify Site name (any name would work) and then add the logging options afterwards in between the quotes of the corresponding line.

Example: var siteName = 'TestSite -d AgentLog.txt -v

Deploy this package to your systems again and wait until some packages failed to install. Please leave your machines untouched for couple of hours before you collect the necessary log files, and then send us your email to so that we engage to review the failure and resolve it.

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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