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peterrrr scripting and Macrium
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I am running Win 8.1 and tried using the 'help' with your product but all I got with MSIE 11 was a'scripting box which would not accept either a yes or a no.
I am using a Google search and Chrome to report that Macrium Reflect had an update this AM, 1-24-14, that Secunia PSI did ot dtect. It was an important patch.
I hope this helps with your investigation as to why thse anomalies occured..

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Maurice Joyce RE: scripting and Macrium
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Secunia shows that Macrium Reflect Version 4 & 5 are not vulnerable as can be seen here:

On that basis Secunia will not show any updates that are made to fix bugs or make cosmetic changes.

To get the latest sub version to show in your scan results you need to suggest it to Secunia


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wr RE: scripting and Macrium
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Secunia is a vulnerability checker not a general updater.
Macrium's webpage clearly announce that v5.2.6463 is
a "bug fix" for a problem in the Linux Rescue cd therefore
since Secunia do not report on bug fixes, Alpha, Beta, or eye candy problems it didn't 'miss' anything.

Hope this helps. Regards, wr

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peterrrr RE: scripting and Macrium
Member 24th Jan, 2014 19:45
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"not a general update checker, but rather a security patch checker"

I extracted the above from your reply and now I understand.
Thank you for correcting/instructing me.
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