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thoang Cannot create package, error 6
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Hi everyone,

I've tried creating update, custom and uninstall package with several application but keep receiving error 6. After finish putting in parameters in step 2, I created a SPS file and it runs fine. So I hit Next and receive error says: "Missing critical product information(Error 6)"

Also creating uninstall package for CSI agent has error 5 which I'm not sure why either.

Please advise, we're currently testing out the product to make a decision whether to purchase CSI or not soon and we've been having lots of these small issues and waste time to wait the answer from sales person and Engineer. My last resort is posting here.

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Secunia Official 24th Feb, 2014 09:03

Inside the Secunia Package System main interface where all patches are being recommended, you will notice a column named 'Uninstallable'.

This column indicates if an Uninstall package for the product you selected is supported out-of-the-box by Secunia (saying "Yes"), or if the package is not supported by us and you would have to configure it in addition (saying 'No').

Packages that indicate "Yes" are fully configured and you only have to click Next, Publish to have this package uninstalling your apps. If it's 'No', then you need to configure the part which is missing from the package configuration.

Practically, configuring a package is a piece of cake job, even if it states No, since the missing part of your package configuration is only the Uninstall string of the application you are trying to remove which is anyway found on each system having the same application installed.

More information on how to configure not supported Uninstall packages you can find below:

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