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Jody1969 Upgrade from CSI 5 to CSI 7_need offline installer for CSI 7
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i have one domain that is already on CSI 6, but i have another on CSI 5. i was wondering what would be the difference in requirements to upgrade from 5 to 7? Any issues:

also, i have one network without internet access (production network, this will not change even temporarily) - can i get an offline installer as i can't run the installer down to the server from the internet.

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Secunia Official 5th Feb, 2014 14:35

Access to Secunia CSI 7.x is entirely provided through your browser and as such you do not require a console installation any longer to be able to connect to your account.

To be able to use patching and other internal domain activities, you would need to install the CSI Patching Plugin, which comes as an IE add-on within the CSI 7.x. The plugin is required on only one fixed machine where patching would be based. The rest 80%+ of the functionality is accessible and configurable via any type of browser running on any OS on any location you may need to access your account.

The domain configuration requirements of the CSI 5.x and 6.x are somewhat the same as CSI 7.x meaning that if you already have certificate and GPO well placed in your domain, this would work well for the CSI 7.x as well. No need to change those if you would be upgrading.

You may need to upgrade C++ Redistributable to the 2012 release, and you may also be asked to install .NET 4.5. Aside from that, the configuration of a CSI 7.x account after an upgrade from previous version is matter of connecting to your WSUS/SCCM and testing the old setup first. If there would be any issues, feel free to send a request for support at

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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