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jlbalvanz How do we update an update patch?
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We are using CSI 6.0 and WSUS. We have previously built a Flash Player 11.x to 12.x patch back when Flash Player was the update path. Not all of our machines have installed that patch yet, but we would like to push out Flash Player to these machines instead of waiting for them to update to and letting the Flash Player 12.x to patch fix it later. CSI does not offer us a new 11.x to 12.x patch because the old one still exists. What's the best way to update the 11.x to 12.x patch to use the new version of Flash Player? Should we:

1. Delete the old patch and create a new one?
2. Edit the existing patch to change the downloaded executable to the new version?

Editing the patch looks trickier than I am likely to get my colleagues to try, but will it work to delete the old patch and create the new one? Will CSI offer a new patch with all the correct machines listed?

Any advice you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

Jeff Balvanz
Iowa State University

Jeff Balvanz -- Iowa State University Information Technology Services
Ames, IA, USA

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Secunia Official 24th Feb, 2014 08:54
Last edited on 24th Feb, 2014 08:54 Hi,

The right thing to do would be to Decline the old version of Flash 12.x.38 and then create a brand new patch for version 12.x.44. Editing a package is almost as the same as creating a new one (based on the actual workflow).

The difference is, however, that the machines that installed Flash 12.x.38 already inserted the package GUID in the registry of each machine where it installed and so the package would not re-appear on these systems.

Since you actually want to update the 12.x.38 version as well, you shall always create new package that has new GUID, so that the new package deploys easily against all targets.

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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