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Peter.yates Putty custom installer
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I'm new to creating custom install packages but have alot of users that have putty on their systems. I need to create an update package, however when i create the prebuilt custom install package that is shown in secunia it fails on install. We are using WSUS. help?

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Secunia Official 24th Feb, 2014 11:28

Please consider that the steps pointed below shall work for most custom packages you wish to create. One mandatory requirement is that each package you deploy must support silent installation parameters, otherwise the package may not install via Windows Update.

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If you wish to create a completely new deployment in scenario where your product is not listed within the Secunia Package System interface, then you have to perform some more actions to configure your package. Below is one simple way of doing that configuration:

1. Copy with Ctrl+C the everything under line 3 'var silentParams' (including) of an existing JScript template from any product that appeared in Blue color in the SPS interface (right-click > Create Update Package)(these packages include a fully configured generalized SPS Jscript template).

2. After copying the Jscript go back to the main SPS Interface and click on the top button 'New Custom Package', then navigate to step 2 of the wizard. Paste the script you copied at point #1 above into the current JScript window (make sure you paste from under line 2 to match the same script configuration as you would have in a pre-configured package).

3. Use the Add Local File button to include your installer

4. Add your silent parameters in between the quotes of line #3 'var silentParams'

You are now ready to publish your package. Please note that this package must mandatory be labeled as 'AlwaysInstallable' and that package would deploy to the entire amount of machines you approved it to. F.e. Approving this package to 'All Computers' group would result in installing this Custom Package to each and every machine in the domain.

I hope you'll find my information helpful.

Please note that all steps must be followed correctly and that it's a must to test each Custom Package you configured before deploying that domain wide. Secunia CSC does not provide official support for Custom Packages and it preserves the right to decline support should that not be feasible for our support team. You should consider my information here as provided on 'good will' and as it's my sole experience with the software. Use it on your own risk.

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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