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hverne Scan fails
Member 13th Feb, 2014 21:40
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I just downloaded and installed the latest version of Secunia PSI. When I run it,
scan seems to progress fine (but a too fast (less than 1 minute) considering the size of my disks)..
When it finishes, I get the dialog saying:

Please run a scan

You might have outdated software

Last scan: undefined
Since I had installed it in the past, I run a complete Revo uninstall and re-installed it. Same results.

This user no longer exists RE: Scan fails
Secunia Official 24th Feb, 2014 13:10
Last edited on 24th Feb, 2014 13:12 Hi,

This forum only addresses issues with the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI), as the Secunia Personal Software Inspector (PSI) has a separate dedicated forum on the website. Please address PSI questions at the PSI forum in the future.

In order to assist you today, I pointed out some things you could check first:

1. Re-install PSI with right-click > Run As Administrator setting. You should be logged in to the machine with an user account that has at minimum a Local Administrator privileges.

2. Add "https://*" to the list of Trusted Sites inside your IE configuration (Tools > Internet Options > Security > Trusted Sites > Sites).

3. Reset the security of your IE to the default levels (Medium Security)

4. Start PSI with right-click > Run as Administrator to ensure that PSI can perform quickly.

If you took the above steps and you continue to experience problems, please report the case the PSI forum. If you are a Secunia CSI customer that is also using PSI integration, and the failing PSIs are in fact part of your CSI-PSI integration, please send an email to including the psilog.txt file in your email (It's in the PSI install directory).

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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