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jamesmerrill v3.0 -- status "Updating" and nothing happens; can I get 2.0?
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I've been a happy user of Secunia 2.x and put 3.x on a newer PC. It seems non-functional.

I chose "Download, let me update" under "Update handling" and what I see in the Detailed View is that all the needs-updates programs are grayed out and the status is "Updating". Nothing has apparently been downloaded (at least, Process Explorer doesn't see that any network activity or much I/O has occurred).

Right-click on a program doesn't offer anything like "download" or "update" -- only "Ignore updates" and ways to see details (fewer than in 2.x) and to start a browser session pointing to a relevant URL.

Is it possible to download 2.x and use that instead? I felt like I understood how it worked and this version seems useless for getting updates.

Maurice Joyce RE: v3.0 -- status "Updating" and nothing happens; can I get 2.0?
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The answer is yes - Versions 1,2 & 3 are all supported. Not sure which version of 2 you prefer.

A link to version is here - many users consider the best of version 2.

If you what the latest version of 2 ( is the link:

Just click your preferred link - the new install will remove the currently installed version before installing the new.

Hope this helps.


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