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DoeZ Microsoft IE 11.x Secunia Advisory SA56796
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I haven't had any problems whatsoever with any of my programs I have on this laptop...My PSI runs a complete scan returning a perfect 100% each and every time I run it. And it's also in my tray so I can actually see it working when it fixes something or removes or patches or knowing that it keeps all my programs up-to-date etc.

BUT...and you knew there was a BUT coming somewhere lol...just these past few days when I ran my PSI...I had to pick myself up off the floor when my scan showed something like a 88%. Believe it or not I was so nervous right then...thinking all the worst things ever. UGH :(

When I looked at my results right at the top were my lil let's see...I had Microsoft Windows 7 was unsecured and at a critical state...and then I had Microsoft IE11 was unsecured and at a critical state. I found that info in my Secure Browsing...and when I doubled clicked each it said there were no patches but to follow up with Windows Update. Which I did...and when it would show me for instance in IE11 the Secunia Advisory SA56796 I would always click on that and read all about it and try to gather as much info to fix it as I could. Now for the Windows one it had a few updates to it I followed up with...I had closed all other programs/windows before hand knowing I was going to have to restart it somewhere down the road...but when this one was "trying" to shutdown/restart it had a problem within itself closing down almost. I didn't want to Force the restart as it was my option I sorta let it work itself out. And when it finally finished with its rebooting I went into my Windows Update and it looked all good. So then I checked back with my PSI and that one was fixed but my MIE11 is still unsecured but no longer critical but a hacker can easily still get to me. I did the same thing I did with the Windows one and even read into it further and I think I had 3? updates for this one and a HotFix one also which I did not install...only because of the fact that it wasn't something I used I believe? or I have no interest in Windows 8.1 or anything like that such as the remote I basically went from critical to still being available for hackers with my IE11 and with that completely fresh install of IE11 and all its updates's still not secure for browsing.

What Where When Why & How can I possibly fix this? I just can't believe that Microsoft would leave one of their products unsecured still out there. I'm sure that businesses and others are still using IE11 but they can't be that stupid to use it unsecured...

The last update for this patch/fix was on Feb.14, 2014 and here's the link I was reading thru...

Not sure if I missed something or what...but definitely could use some help here.

Thanks a Bunch
DoeZ :)


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Maurice Joyce RE: Microsoft IE 11.x Secunia Advisory SA56796
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PSI will not update anything Microsoft even if auto updating is switched on.

It looks like you have not got all the patches on correctly for those released on 11th February.

IE11 is secure as can be seen here:

The Secunia reference you point to clearly states a patch is available from Microsoft.

I would reboot then carry out a full PSI scan - if any programmes are still showing as insecure what paths do they have?



From the DASHBOARD page click on SCAN RESULTS.

1. This will list all your programmes with a + to the left of each programme.
2. Click the + sign next to the item that U want help with.
3. This will reveal the path under DETECTED INSTANCES.
4. Below DETECTED INSTANCES you will see this You can double click this row for additional information & options>double click it>a box will appear>look to the RIGHT & U will see TROUBLESHOOT REPORT in BLUE writing under the heading TOOLBOX> click TroubleShoot Report & it will reveal some information in a box>highlight the information revealed from ---START--- to ---END--- & copy it (CTRL+C) then post it to the Forum (CTRL+V)

This version does not have such an easy method to publish the path.

Open PSI>once open select Show Programs.
You will now see a page full of programme icons or a list.
Right click on the programme in error>select Show Details - that will open a box showing the path & version number of the offending file.
You now have 3 options:
1. Write down the exact file path & install version - return to the Forum & type that information.
2. Take a screen shot & publish that.

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