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adobe shockwave forum states that shockwave was down loaded with the sockwave its purpose is to handle legacy (older) programs.i have shockwave installed in IE 9 and as a plug in in chrome. If you go to the adobe shockwave test page it will tell you that the latest version (12.x) is installed--but at least in my case iget no animation at this test site (might be an adobe problem). if you go to the ITMA shockwave test site windows will pop up and ask permission to install shockwave 10.4 , if you agree then the test works fine--but now you have the latest version installed (windows\system 32\adobe\shockwave 12.x) and the older version installed (windows\system 32\macromedia\shockwave 10.x). secunia will soon tell you about end of life shockwave 10.x. what to do --you can go to system 32 and delete the older version but it will come back when needed (an adobe trojan?) or you go to secunia and ignore shockwave 10.x. --the reinstaller culprit is located (user name)\ app data \local\ temp and looks like this ~d455 tmp these are made up ids since it keeps changing its id and i tried to delete it before iknew its purpose --tried safe mode, 4 different file killers--no luck it keeps coming back (with a new id). adobe says its safe and necessary. all the above applies only to windows(per adobe). i have vista/ ie 9/chrome and eveythings up to date (except shockwave 10.x). James 2005

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