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tom1980 CSI 5.0 - No new Hosts...
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we are using CSI 5.0 with a local scan agent. When I install a new Windows Client with the local agent the host is not added to CSI. Sometimes the host appears for a few minutes and is gone later. I tried to reinstall the agent, but the problem persists. Can you please tell me, why no more new host can be added?


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Secunia Official 2nd May, 2014 12:03
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The description you supplied earlier matches the scenario where a Secunia Agent had been implemented in a pre-build image before distributing the image to your Clients. In this case, one unique Agent GUID received upon installation of the Agent is being deployed to more than one system, thus replicating this same GUID to multiple machines.

The consequences of these actions are that multiple independent Agent installations report to Secunia with the same unique GUID (no longer unique), so each of the Agents reporting back overwrites the information the previous Agent supplied. This makes Agents to appear in your CSI interface for a short time, until the next host with the same GUID report.

The latest host reporting would overwrite the entry for the previous one.

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