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fortja Configure CSI 7.x with proxy.pac file
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In creating the CSI agent package, how do you modify the variables in the Execution Flow field so the agent can use a proxy.pac file? We are using an authentication proxy, and can allow the agent to bypass authentication, so I don't need usernames or passwords, but my proxyhost variable is determined by what location the client is in.




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Secunia Official 2nd May, 2014 13:06

Within the default JScript template, you will find a complete section of variables that allow you to configure Proxy and account values that need to be added to the Agent installation when your package hits the client. Furthermore, the last value in this section is ''var siteName'' which indicates that you could insert a manual site name to set your Agents in specific groups.

However, this variable is also being used as an option for you to add all other values you may need, basically the values which are not listed in the script.

This means that you could insert a site name in-between the quotes, furthermore, you can also add the --pac-url parameter followed by the actual URL of the pac file. Upon installation, the Agent would take this under consideration and it will include this configuration further on.

Example: var siteName = "<YourSiteName> --pac-url"

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