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CementSockZit result 'sites'
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Does anyone know a way to delete manually creates Sites from the Results?
During the setup of our Secunia instance we went through a bit of testing and setup some 'test' Sites, which we would like removed. We can create Ignore Rules as a work around, but we'd like something more permanent to remove the Sites.

Any tips?


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Secunia Official 2nd May, 2014 12:09

To create a site, you need to add at least one host to a site that has a unique name. As long as you specified a unique name after selecting ''Change Site Name'' for a host entry in Results, the CSI will create a new site with the new name automatically and it will add the host to it.

To remove a site created manually, you need to go to the Site itself, select all of the hosts added to it, then select them all with multiple selection, and change their site. By removing all Agents from a given site, thus leaving it with 0 hosts, the CSI will remove the manual site entirely.

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