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sbrutsch PowerShell Commands for CSI?
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Hi together,

it there a possiblity to get Information from Secunia CSI with powershell.

The target is to get the Information and patches and Transfer to a third Party Deployment Product.

Best Regards

This user no longer exists RE: PowerShell Commands for CSI?
Secunia Official 2nd May, 2014 12:16
Last edited on 2nd May, 2014 12:16 Hi,

Secunia CSI cannot run PowerShell commands directly against a host. Indirectly, it is possible to deploy a package with Secunia CSI which further includes a script that executes on Clients. The script could merely be everything from an installation procedure to a customized script with PowerShell instructions (or instructions on any other language supported by the OS).

The SPS requires you to configure the script template at step 2 of the SPS wizard to be able to handle and execute another file added to the package content.

Furthermore, under Files to Attach section, you must manually remove the files added by default and add the script file you really want to execute on the Client. This could be a batch file that would basically perform the operations on the Client once it's being executed.

Please note that none of this is supported by Secunia, and it's only available as optional procedure supported by the actual design of our Package System. Any issues resulting from such an operation shall be taken by the customer and no support on that can be provided by us.

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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