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FerdinandM How to disable discontinued/end-of-life programs
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Secuna annoys me now that some programs need updating that I do not want to update.
Microsoft Access 2002
Microsoft Excel 2002
Microsoft Publisher 2002
Microsoft PowerPoint 2002
Microsoft Word 2002
I know they are discontinued and no more updates are available. I do not need the Publisher and might uninstall it, but I will not use the other new Office programs with 'wonderful' Ribbon surface. It is really enough that I am terrorized at work with it :-)

Currently I ignore the PSI warning and look only from time to time if another program have been added to the "Programs that need updating" list. This introduce a new security hole.

Is there something like a white list where to put programs that should not be reported?

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Maurice Joyce RE: How to disable discontinued/end-of-life programs
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Is this the information you require?


Open PSI>Scan results>expand any programme by clicking the "+" to the left of the programme entry.

This will reveal DETECTED INSTANCES and below it two Yellow Folders. Click the folder with the RED dot which will create an Ignore Rule for that item.


Open PSI>Activate "Show Programs">From the list of Programme Icons that appear right click on the programme(s) you wish to ignore & select "Ignore Updates To This Program"

The icon will be moved from the main list & recreated at the bottom of the page under the heading "Programs That Do Not Receive Updates".

Any programme in this category can be returned the main Program List with a right click & selection of "Don't Ignore Updates To This Program".

Hope this helps.

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