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TonyB. Macrovision Update Service ActiveX Control version 5.6
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Has this been resolved as i still have not found a way to remove Macrovision Update Service ActiveX Control version 5,6 only thing i have done is disable the PSI to ignore it but how do we fix it. reading threw all the thread and the official one there seams to be no resolve for it. so how come they were all locked?. as clearly this is a issue that needs attention?.


RE: Macrovision Update Service ActiveX Control version 5.6
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Maurice Joyce RE: Macrovision Update Service ActiveX Control version 5.6
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Threads auto lock after 7 days of no activity. The main reason is to prevent spammers (which this thread has already attracted) but also tag on posts that are misleading or factually incorrect which rightly leads to members voting those submissions down.

You clearly misunderstand the role of Secunia PSI. It is a vulnerability checker full stop. Secunia Support do not supply an individual fix it service.

Despite what you say the general advice already given by Secunia has worked for some & the comments on that & other threads prove it.

PSI has found something amiss with your set up. They have given you the path to the problem & their website where you can search for more information on the impact of their discovery. In some instances they supply an optional auto update service to correct vulnerabilities. What you do with the information & tools provided is up to you. If you are expecting Secunia Support to comment further you could be in for a long wait - your problem has nothing to do with them unless you can prove it is a False Positive in which case you should use these guidelines to report it:

The Forum can be helpful in solving individual problems. To achieve the best results from helpers the Secunia guidelines in creating a thread should be followed.

Before creating your thread:

Please make sure to include as many details as possible. The more details, the easier it will be for other users to assist you.

If your thread relates to a problem with patching a program, please be sure to include and verify:
* The path to where the program was detected on your PC
* Description of what you've done to patch the program
* That you have re scanned your PC after applying the patch

In addition, for your problem, please confirm which OS you are using & what files are in C:\Windows\downloaded program files using the CMD Prompt as an administrator? It would be helpful if you published a screen shot of the result - example below:


Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit
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