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Google Chrome 34.x

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James2005 google chrome is missing from psi scan
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chrome updated from33.0.1750.154 to 34.0.1847.116-psi notified me of new version-checked psi programs-as expected both versions listed-ran a new scan with psi--google chrome came up missing-repeated-same thing-maybe secunia needs to tweek this like they've had to do in the past with adobe.

Anthony Wells RE: google chrome is missing from psi scan
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Hi ,

Secunia Support always require a little time to get around to updating their rules/database .

I am currently seeing Chrome correctly displayed by my PSI

In the future , as there is no instantaneous magickal updater at Secunia , you could help yourself/everybody by prompting them directly using the "suggesting a missing programme" (with the relevant .exe file) if you feel the wait is too long .

Take care



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