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This user no longer exists Heartbleed community status
Secunia Official 11th Apr, 2014 16:32
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Hi all,

While Secunia also uses OpenSSL, the Secunia Forum login has not been affected by the Heartbleed vulnerability (SA57347).

We are continuing to investigate the implications of Heartbleed, and are advising our user groups as new information emerges.

Kind regards,

steffens RE: Heartbleed community status
Member 11th Apr, 2014 20:44
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Presumably Secunia is aware of online automated tools such as the SSL Server Test provided by Qualsys SSL Labs:
<> gets an overall grade of "B" in that test, mainly because "The server supports only older protocols, but not the current best TLS 1.2." But then there's the good news that "This server is not vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack."

Actually I'm not too concerned about security in the forums... What REALLY worries me is the security of the channel that connnects my PC with Secunia's vulnerability database. If someone can grab those data, then presumably they immediately have a working list of which machines are vulnerable to any particular attack. Don't even want to think about the implications of THAT possibility!
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