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MikePerry Avast 9 false positive on openvpn.exe
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PSI2 shows a false positive for the file C:\Program Files\Avast Software\Avast\OpenVPN\openvpn.exe. It is release by Avast and not OpenVPN. The version installed by Avast Update is but PSI says it should be updated to - but that is not possible and the PSI updater fails as the files in this directory are locked (it is an AV system after al!).

It is incorrect to say it is out of date as Avast have themselves updated the file, or so they claim.

Therefore this should be regarded as a FALSE POSITIVE and needs to be investigated by Secunia and PSI corrected.

(I have also asked why Avast are installing unused and hence unwanted bloatware like this)

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This thread has been marked as locked.