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umair9001 Export Scan Results
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Reporting shows for each version of the software and no option is there for an excel/csv export consolidating all the versions of the same product.

What is required is a way of exporting the Hostname and File Path into a CSV or excel. With this we can really work with much ease.

For Example,
Google Chrome has almost 15+ versions listed. For this we have to go to each version and then export the results to get the CSV output.

Then consolidate all the exports and do the automated removal/installation as required through SCCM.

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Secunia Official 13th May, 2014 09:30

In Secunia CSI 6.x, you can query your local CSI database with custom queries, or by using the default pre-built ones, to export any type of data available in your account. After you're done with customizing the information you like to export, you can use the Export function in the same menu to schedule your query for export to a CSV file.

If you are using Secunia CSI 7.x, then you may use Export function in each grid of the CSI menu. Under Results > Product Smart Groups > Insecure, you could double-click on Chrome, click on Installations Tab, and then use the Export function on the right side of the menu to get all of the installation details for Chrome to a CSV file.

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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