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rzlm6g PSI incompatible to Sandboxie, making system vulnerable again
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This is a copy of a thread of mine with the same subject - unfortunately I only noticed today that there was a reply from April. The original thread is locked now so I must answer this way.

you got me wrong, I must have explained poorly. I said that PSI is trying to update Flashplayer 12 to 13 although the outdated version is running in a Sandboxie environment.
From your answer I suspect that you assume the Flashplayer should be located outside the sandbox, and another outdated copy of a Flashplayer is in the sandbox.

But that is not the situation:

Outside the sandbox, there is no Flashplayer. The *only* existing Flashplayer is v.12 (outdated) *in* the sandbox. Still, PSI finds it and starts an installation of a second Flashplayer outside of the sandbox.
You also explain that I can delete the contents of the sandbox. True, but not what I want to do. Because I want the sandbox to secure not only the barebone browser, but also the plugins, I need to install them all into the sandbox, and hence it makes no sense to delete the sandbox contents else I need to re-install the complete firefox environment every time I go to the internet.
So, again: There is *no* version in SysWOW64, the *only* version is (on drive E:) inside Firefox's sandbox, but PSI takes it as if it were existent on C: and *creates* a 2nd v.13 outside the sandbox on C:, not updating v.12 - btw. how can you know v.12 was in use then?

Thank you for not being mean because I answer so late.

EDIT It may be possible to install plugins outside and force them to run inside with the 'forced programs' / 'forced folfers' thingy. But I wouldn't like to trust in that because it's really clumsy to maintain and difficult to install plugins from the firefox app which is in the sandbox to outside the sandbox. This all does not only affect files, but also registry entries - and by just keeping everything inside, it's simple and safe.

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