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EQdkp Backup Referer Security Bypass

Secunia EQdkp Backup Referer Security Bypass
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Eight10 has discovered a vulnerability in EQdkp, which can be exploited by malicious people to bypass certain security restrictions, disclose sensitive information and manipulate data.

An insecure authentication method in admin/backup/backup.php and admin/backup/index.php can be exploited to bypass authentication by passing a "Referer" HTTP header with a URL from the Administration Panel.

Successful exploitation allows retrieving and editing data from arbitrary databases and database tables, e.g. changing an administrator's password hash.

The vulnerability is confirmed in version 1.3.1. Other versions may also be affected.

swallmann RE: EQdkp Backup Referer Security Bypass
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This error is fixed in the 0.x branch of Eqdkp-Plus. We recommend users using the vanilla eqdkp to switch over to eqdkp-plus
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