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ausafa How to create package for Adobe Flash Player
Member 13th May, 2014 07:09
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Since i started creating package for Adobe I am facing issues where update installed but after that IE stopped detecting adobe flash player and it prompt that please install flash player.

When i looked into below mentioned locations



Both locations are blank except log file

And only way to fix this is to manually install Flash player which is a pain when its happening for 100 of users.

Please suggest its bit urgent.

Tricountybank RE: How to create package for Adobe Flash Player
Member 13th May, 2014 19:26
i will try to help....:)

were the updates approved for install....just checking...

the users were not set to update automatically like all the software want to do now.. right?

the upgrade is def not maybe failing and reporting successfull....check the windowsupdate.log....I have had this happen a bunch of times...mostly with reader...

does the wsus give the green check?

delete package re-create and deploy again...?

if all fails i would force it using a diff product like pdqdeploy...

let us know what works...cheers

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This user no longer exists RE: How to create package for Adobe Flash Player
Secunia Official 20th May, 2014 12:52
Last edited on 20th May, 2014 12:54 Hi,

This case was addressed by Secunia Customer Support with the customer.

FYI, the problems occurred since the package delivered to the actual system was not the latest update provided by Secunia CSI, most importantly because Adobe does not allow patches from earlier than the latest version to install without the /force switch being passed in addition.

So, here are few conclusions to consider:

1. Always create patch for the newest version of the software you are patching. The rule here is very simple - if CSI shows you new version, this means that the old one is no longer secure. In this case, new package is needed, and all other older patches shall be immediately declined and then deleted - they are no longer current, secure, and supported by Secunia (if failing).

2. Adobe Flash in particular may not install on any machines unless is being passed the /force flag, if the version that attempts to install is not the latest one. To ensure you always create the latest package, follow in the same sequence the below steps:

a) Scan your machines - all of them and preferably at the same time and day.
b) Update your Smart Groups / Local Databases before creating a patch
c) In the Secunia Package System, sort by Detected column and pick the most recently detected patch (usually the highest version under 'Patched Version' column in the SPS list).

I am closing this topic as the issue was determined, the customer received recommendations, and the information relevant for other users was updated.

Kind regards / Stay Secure
Rosen Danailov / Security+
Secunia Customer Support

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