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Anonymouse How the Heck Do I Change my Scan Times????
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Jeez, Secunia, you could really make changing the scan times easier. I've read up on this topic and there's nowhere that I see in my settings for which to change my scan times.

How am I supposed to do this???

Here's what i'm doing:

Scan Your PC\Last and Next Full System Scan\ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

Nothing, nada, nowhere is there a place to change the scan times.

What gives, man?

Maurice Joyce RE: How the Heck Do I Change my Scan Times????
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You are correct - Secunia PSI is missing numerous basic options & scan timing flexibility is one of them.

It works on a 7 day cycle.

Currently you need to run a manual scan at a date & time to suit yourself - PSI will then auto repeat that scan detail every 7 days thereafter.

Real Magic!!!!


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