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dlandre PSI Hangs Updating
Member 20th May, 2014 00:02
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I have installed PSI on two systems. It works fine on the first (Windows 8.1 64-bit) but hangs after scanning on the second (Windows 7 32-bit). The dialog displays showing that there are 10 programs that need updating - they are all grayed out, saying "Updating". Note that I have settings set to "Download, Let Me Update".

I've waited over 24 hours, and it never exits this state. There's no way to actually perform the updates. I can't figure out any way to diagnose what's going on. I can provide a screenshot and/or more diagnostic information if you need it.

Version is

Thanks for your help.

hybernating RE: PSI Hangs Updating
Member 21st May, 2014 23:32
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I came across your post while trying to find an answer to this same problem, which showed up on 5/16th. The only difference is that I had version PSI installed. PSI just kept updating Adobe Flash Player 13 Plugin and Adobe Air 13 without ever finishing the update. I'm using Windows 7 64-bit. I could not find help on any boards and was surprised when your thread remained unanswered. Today I completely uninstalled and installed 3.0.9016, which I know is the same version you are having this problem with. Secunia was able to update the programs after the installation, so if nothing else works, maybe uninstalling and reinstalling Secunia would solve the problem for you.
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