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This user no longer exists Secunia please fix your software
Member 23rd May, 2014 18:20
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Ever since PSI came out it's more trouble than it's worth sometime. I've been using v2 since the first time I tried v3 it just automatically updated software without asking first.

Well I playing with v3 now and dug a little deeper and found out that you can turn off auto updating but it's still has issues. As others have stated 'a script on this page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly...'
Please start from scratch and make a PSI that does not use the IE engine internally. While you are at it, remove the MU requirement. There should be no need for this. It also launches IE which is an insecure browser and yet PSI is supposed to be about security. :/

Philip_Goddard RE: Secunia please fix your software
Member 26th May, 2014 10:06
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Today I've finally decided to kick Secunia PSI off my system. It's a great idea, but to be a real security aid it must work properly, and at least on my Win8.1 x64 system it doesn't. Although it has updated the odd programs successfully, time and again it nags me about programs that purportedly need updating, and it either fails to update the respective programs (usually the process hanging) or / and it alerts me to necessary updates for programs that have already been updated to the current version. It does this latter especially with Google Chrome and Adobe AIR, reminding me, day after day, of updates that it says I need to make, but which I actually made days or even weeks ago.

I have no place on my system for the little boy who was always crying "Wolf!", and so I'm getting shot of Secunia PSI. That would be little loss for me anyway, because I already get Software Informer notifications of new versions, and in any case I generally use applications' own 'new version' notifications or auto-update facilities, and, in the case of security software, I always manually do an updates check before doing a scan.
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