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ulibaehr PSI lists not installed programs
Member 24th May, 2014 17:25
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I used to have Windows XP and had a bunch of programs installed.
Recently I reinstalled the whole PC with Windows-7 (no upgrade - a real reinstallation).
Now I installed PSI and it keeps listing those old programs - and tries to update them!

So de-installed PSI. That left all kinds of registry entries :-(
I deleted all registry entries with "Secunia" and deleted the Secunia directory.
After reinstallation PSI lists the old programs again!

Im stunned. Where on earth does it store this list?
And how can I ever delete a program from that list.
I can only add more programs to the list - never delete any.

For the time being I cannot use PSI of course. Unless someone comes up with a good idea how to brain-wash this piece of software.

rd52 RE: PSI lists not installed programs
Member 25th May, 2014 00:14
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It sounds like you didn't format the disc before the new installation. You could try Revo Uninstall. I have the pro version which you can try free for thirty days. After the 30 days I think it turns to the free version. Revo will delete the program and search the registry for leftover fragments
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