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nlavery Secunia PSI hangs during loading
Member 29th May, 2014 16:33
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I haven't been able to use ver 3 of PSI as it just hangs when loading. I've Googled the problem and tried everything, including the recommendations on this site. I see that many others have the same problem. Please provide a viable solution.

phnxpete RE: Secunia PSI hangs during loading
Member 1st Jun, 2014 18:10
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I have the same issue Windows 7 64 bit Pro.
The screen opens loading is in the left bottom corner but it just seems to hang although it is not a system freeze. I uninstalled and went back to version 2.
Under download button there is a link for versions 2 and 1.
Installed Version 2 works fine.
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altenergy RE: Secunia PSI hangs during loading
Member 5th Jun, 2014 10:02
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I've been using PSI for years. I now have the same problem with all versions of PSI hanging during loading. I have already posted about this with on a previous thread with no resolution. Since making a number of security mitigations recommended for Internet Explorer following the announcement of the recent zero day PSI won't load at all.

As someone said in a different thread (which has been locked) please, please rewrite PSI from the ground up so it doesn't piggy back off Internet Explorer.

I don't expect coding to be free. I'm quite happy to pay $30 a year for a version of PSI that loads first time, every time. Is there a single user version of CSI which I could use instead?

Win 7 Pro, 16GB ram, Norton Internet Security, Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit 4.1
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