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mtodorov PSI false negative report
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Hi all,

When updating Adobe Illustrator 16.0.5 32-bit and 64-bit manual update to fix remote execution vulnerability, I've noticed strange PSI's behavior.

Let me attempt to explain the problem.

PSI reported 98% since there were two insecure programs, 32-bit and 64-bit Illustrator. What I've noticed was false 100% at the very moment I've unpacked the Adobe .zip patch, before the patch was installed. Of course, I knew I have to install patch in place of insecure executable, but reporting 100% patched when there is still insecure program in C:\Program Files and patch only in unpacked .zip, green light and 100% should not be reported.

My $0.02.


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gregoire.sandre RE: PSI false negative report
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What you report is very close to what I reported here:
The main difference is that "my unsecure" version was previously installed. I sent a bug report by email following the advice I was replied.
I suggest that you do the same.
Hope this helps

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