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mtodorov Permanent "Error downloading file" condition ...
Member 12th Jun, 2014 11:56
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I had activated "Automatic Update" for Adobe Flash Player 13.x, Mozilla Firefox 29.0.1 and Thunderbird 24.5 .

The rack network switch went off unannounced this morning and downloads were broken. Ever since, interrupted downloads had left this "Error downloading file" error condition.


- full scan,
- restart of PSI exiting tray icon nor
- restart of the computer

hadn't helped up to the time of writing this report.

Any idea?


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joe schmoe RE: Permanent "Error downloading file" condition ...
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Temporary workaround, if time is of the essence:

Once you've got the updates in place, PSI notifications and automatic updating should be back to as usual. If not, let us know.

[EDIT:] Rescan your system after installing the latest full updates.

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