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taffy078 PCMatic - Anthony Wells
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Two & a half years ago, when I was a Secunia 'innocent', I created a thread (link below) about problems caused by a new program - PCMatic - and Anthony gave words of wisdom about not being taken in by media-hype. I struggled to decide what to do and so did nothing.

Only now have I not renewed PCMatic. It is because of their their recent media statement*** that Symantec is "throwing in the towel, believing that traditional anti-virus (eg Norton Internet Security) is "dead & ineffective". According to PC Matic, only their product gives full protection for all computers (including XP users) against all threats. They even claim that only PCMatic can prevent CryptoLocker!!

I have NIS so was concerned enough to look for the original article***. I found that the author of the article/advertisement is in fact their founder, CEO and sole stockholder. Worse, they have been accused before of false reviews (e.g.

Thus fully backing up what Anthony wrote all those months ago.

Of course to cover myself I have to say that it could be that Symantec Norton and all of the other computer industry experts who have attacked PCMatic are wrong, that PCMatic are in fact correct in their claims so users/potential users will have to judge for themselves, remembering Anthony golden rule "Caveat Emptor - Lef the Byer Beware"!

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taffy078, West Yorkshire, UK

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Anthony Wells RE: PCMatic - Anthony Wells
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Hello taffy ,

Kind words .If I were young and innocent , I might blush !!

So , no chance of that :)))

At least you know how lies are so easily told yet often difficult to disprove : the CryptoLocker "claim" is a dead give away in this case for multiple reasons including that nothing is 100% sure except death and taxes .

Take care



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