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CityofRedDeer Java7u65 - Installer prompting users with Console Message
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Unclear at this point whether the issue would be reported through CSI to help out, or if it goes directly to Oracle support, so starting here.

In CSI7, via SA59501, we've built a Java 7 Update 65 package to push too our test group, and while it's seeing mostly successful installs, we've had quite a few users report, apparently while it's installing via WSUS silently, the windows message of:

"A program running on this computer is trying to display a message."

If the users clicks ok, they are taken over too a message which shows it having an error with some Java install file. Unfortuantly so far when each user had called, they have already clicked through and not left me with a screeshot or details on which error.

I'm not certain with the CSI built package being pushed by WSUS where a good log file would be to help provide these extra details, the package is built with the 'Clean Install' option.

So far in each case it appears that after clicking ok on the error message and returning to their programs, Java finishes installing and is marked ok on their system on the next scan. But with a client base of over 1000 workstations, I would like to resolve this prompt message before deploying.


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