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bculler Detail Window Browser Error
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I just installed the latest version of PSI. When I select to view details of a program, I get an error that says, 'Cannot open default browser, use internet explorer?'... When I select YES, it opens in Internet Explorer instead of the PSI details window.

Any ideas what could be causing that error?

I am using Windows Vista Home Edition

Maurice Joyce RE: Detail Window Browser Error
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Is this the first time you have installed Secunia PSI or have you switched from version 1 or 2 to version 3?

How many third party browsers are installed on your PC?

If you have third party browsers installed which one is set as the default browser? Has the default browser settings been checked for accuracy in the Registry as described here?

I do not recall ever seeing a problem like yours on this Forum so the more information you can give the better.

Is it possible to create a screen shot of the error message?

To post a screen shot to the Forum you need to:

1. Capture the image by using a programme such as:
a. Microsoft Paint - details here if unsure how it is done.
b. Microsoft One Note
c. Microsoft Snippet
d. Any third party equivalent programme like these:

2. Save the image to an online repository such as Microsoft OneDrive or a third party programme like Dropbox

3. Post the hyperlink to the stored online image to the Forum. Use CTRL+C to copy & CTRL+V to post to the Forum.


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