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kjohnston Creating updates for AIR and flash do not work
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All of our machine shave a version of Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash that is out of date. These bits of software were originally installed on our base image.

Adobe AIR is version
Adobe Flash is version

When I create a update package from Adobe AIR 15x and deploy it, SCCM tells me they are compliant, but yet nothing was updated.
The file located in c:\program files (x86)\common files\AIR is still at the above version.

Same with flash... the updates actually do not do anything.

What would cause this to happen? How can I ensure that my updates are in fact working when deployed.

I opened up Secunia in SCCM 2012 R2 - created a package using jscript, made minor changes, dumped it into WSUS.
After a sync I see the file, created a SUP, downloaded the file and deployed it to a small test group.

Each one of these machines do have older and new versions, but all say they are compliant, which is not true as version 15.x is the latest version.

Any ideas what I need to look for?

Update: It seems that if I create an sps file and run it on the machine it updates... so it seems like using the windows update method does not do anything.

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