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SunnyNow Secunia says several updates, shows only 1, won't update
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I've just done a total hard-drive-wipe-clean and total reset-to-defaults of my laptop to ensure total clearing of malware, and am in the process of newly installing the programs I use. It's an HP Notebook PC, 64bit, running Windows 8.

Yet newly installed Secunia PSI seems to be doing what it had done before the hard disk reset. (This issue with Secunia had nothing to do with the reasons for the reset, I'd just not yet had the chance to find where to get this question answered before having to do the reset.)

The ever-present scan-results message shows things at 98% score; along the top it says "Programs that need updating (7)" I'm assuming the "7" means there are seven programs needing updating? But there is always only one program icon showing in that upper needs-updating section, which is the "Adobe Flash Player, 11.x (ActiveX) (64bit)." (I just newly installed the current version of this program yesterday along with my additional browsers and several most immediately needed programs.)

When I click on the "Click to Update" link on the program's icon, it opens up the computer's Control Panel" in the "Windows Updates" section. That's it. Just opens up to that screen.

As of a yesterday, I'd just gotten done installing all the Windows Updates, and now have made sure to also install/include the Microsoft Updates as well as the Windows Updates, per Secunia's initial instructions), which is indeed indicated on that Updates page.

Anyway, again it says there are no new updates at this time. (I've tried a few times reentering Secunia to click on the update link for that program with same results.)

I reread all of the Secunia help info. I did a "ReScan", got entirely the same results.

Once taken to the Windows Update section again, no new updates available etc.; this time just to be sure that all was in-sync with all updates, I went ahead and did a "Check for Updates", but there were no new updates.

In the meantime, the Secunia notice continues to regularly pop up from the bottom of the screen saying that there is a program that needs manual updating. With that same information showing 98%, all other programs up to date, the number (7) after "Programs that need updating"; but only that Adobe in needs-updating, etc., etc. etc.

I don't know how to describe this problem in just a few words myself, much less able now to think of any more wordings by which to search the forum to try to find an answer, so I'm finally creating a new thread.

Any assistance would be very much appreciated. :)

Maurice Joyce RE: Secunia says several updates, shows only 1, won't update
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Any chance of a screen shot of the problem?


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