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umair9001 Remove Files from the specified Folder Path
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I found the following script which has helped me a lot in removing the vulnerable Files which are shown in Secunia. Those which I knew I could remove and didn't require to patch. The Host and FilePath are easily available through CSI export features.

This script uses powershell script to run. It requires a CSV file with the column headers as Host, Path and Status.

# CSV Needs Header row - Host,Path,Status
$csvPath = "C:\TheCsvFile.csv"
$csv = Import-Csv $csvPath
$csv | ForEach-Object {
$computer = $_.Host
$path = $($_.Path) -replace [char]34,""
$status = $_.Status
$props = @{
"Host" = $computer;
"Path" = $path;
"Status" = $status
$obj = New-Object -TypeName PSObject -Property $props
Write-Host "Processing computer $($computer.ToUpper())..."
if ($status -eq "") {
if (Test-Connection -ComputerName $computer -Count 1 -Quiet) {
$dollarShare = $path -replace ":","$"
$uncPath = "\\$computer\$dollarShare"
if (Test-Path -Path $uncPath) {
$deleted = $true
try {
Remove-Item -Path $uncPath -Force
} catch {
$deleted = $false
$obj.Status = "Could not delete"
Write-Host " - failed to delete file."
if ($deleted) {
$obj.Status = "Deleted"
Write-Host " - removed file."
} else {
$obj.Status = "Missing"
Write-Host " - file not there."
} else {
Write-Host " - offline."
} else {
Write-Host " - already processed."
Write-Output $obj
} | Export-Csv -Path $csvPath -Force -NoTypeInformation

Thanks to the original creator of the script on Expert Exchange.

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