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JoeMo Adobe Flash Player Update Issue
Member 21st Oct, 2014 21:17
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For the past several months (about once per month) PSI informs me that it is updating Adobe Flash Player Active-X and NPAPI, but the updating doesn't happen. So, I then go to the Adobe site and download the latest versions and install them.

No problem with NPAPI - on rescan PSI indicates this is up to date, but the active-x is still shown as the old version and needs to be updated.

Today I used Revo Uninstall to remove the active-x version and then did a re-install of the latest version. On rescan by PSI it still lists the old version of active-x and indicates it requires an update.When I right-click the icon, choose 'Show Details', and double click to open the file folder I see only the latest version of active-x there.

Searching the Community forum I found a response from Maurice to a similar issue suggesting running Windows Disk Cleaner to remove old downloads and sure enough that worked - on rescan PSI now shows all programs up to date.

I'm starting this thread in hopes it may help others experiencing this problem and hopefully to motivate Secunia to fix the problem so that next month I don't have to go through the same hassle with Adobe Flash Player active-x updating.

henry8th RE: Adobe Flash Player Update Issue
Member 23rd Oct, 2014 02:03
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Adobe has uninstall software to completely remove Flash Player, ( ayer-windows.html ). I've used it in the past and it works well. As for using Secunia PSI to update Flash Player, it has been troublesome on occasion. I let Secunia scan tell me I need to update Flash Player and go to the Adobe web site to update. Less frustration!

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