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This user no longer exists MS KB3025390 is interferring with CSI
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Problem description:
After installing Windows Update KB 3025390, CSI doesn't function as expected anymore. So far, it is known to break:
- the WSUS connection
- Quick Scan

Don't apply update to host, uninstall update on WSUS and/or CSI management hosts

This is affecting other products as well, therefore we are expecting Microsoft to release a fix for it. In the meantime, the Secunia development team is working on an internal solution.

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Winsyrstrife RE: MS KB3025390 is interferring with CSI
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Thanks for the notification.

Just a question, have you noticed any other oddities with CSI since the MS update was released? My scan progress does not seem to work. I don't think it's a visual problem, because if I leave the program to itself, for about 20 minutes as an example, there is no resulting scan history.

So for right now, my only scanning ability is my network agent.
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w.mahmood RE: MS KB3025390 is interferring with CSI
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Please refer to the recent forum post:

Best Regards,

Waqas Mahmood

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Secunia Customer Support Center

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