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w.mahmood A missing Microsoft hotfix kb2828185 can cause a Console Mismatch error when publishing a package
Secunia Official 10th Mar, 2015 14:49
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Microsoft has released a hotfix to solve the issue of exporting cab files that exceed 2GB when using the wsusutil.exe tool. If you have installed the hotfix on your WSUS server then you also need to install the same hotfix update on machines running the WSUS administrator console and Secunia CSI. This will avoid WSUS API version mismatch errors between the remote administrator console and the WSUS server, resulting in error code -2146233079 (Publishing operation failed due console and remote server versions do not match).
If you encounter this error message you need to ensure that the WSUS server and remote WSUS administration console are at the same patch level. You can download the hotfix kb2828185 from the links below:
Server 2012 based WSUS server:

Best Regards,

Waqas Mahmood

Senior Solution Specialist
Secunia Customer Support Center

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