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klausus02 Malfunctions in forum-GUI_2
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.. I already posted this in the wrong forum... sorry for this...

I open this nearly new thread because the original thread

has been locked on 21rd Mar, 2015. Three weeks after it was created.

I would like to update everyone interested in this topic.
I wrote another Mail to Secunia Support on 21rd Mar, 2015


a few days ago I discovered another issue of the forum-pages

the function EDIT is unusable! The lines to be edited are not visible.

Now, 21 days (3 weeks) have past whithout any corrections. Just to get an idea... how long will it take approximately to get the forum-pages usable again?

AND by the way: the pages behind the button "Your threads" are buggy also. There is no possibility to sroll!

Today, the thread

has been looked. What does it mean? Is the discussion about the issues seen as finished? Or is Secunia going to deploy a corrected version of the forum-pages on next week.


But this time I didn't any response from Secunia until today. I would like to keep this discussion alive as long as Secunia takes to fix the errors coded into the forum-pages a month ago.

By the way... I could create this thread using OPERA (very high magnification !!) on Windows. But when using IE11 or Firefox 36 I cannot reach the "Select forum"-box !

How do you create threads these days? Can someone write a howto overcome the most important bugs? Then all of us could use the tricks and keep the forum alive.

Start paying attention to this bugs, please!


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