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steffens farvel
Member 1st May, 2015 00:34
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Congratulations, Secunia! You've succeeded in killing the Forum! Hope you're happy now.

Will continue to read new security advisories on a weekly basis. There still seems to be some value there, despite the wonky website formatting.

Will probably continue to run PSI2 for the foreseeable future, at least as long as it continues to work. Again, still seems to be some value there.

If PSI2 still works when I upgrade to Win10, then I'll probably continue using it. But if not, then I'll find something else. I've already located a number of useful tools that replace some or all of PSI's functionality. So it's not like it's the ONLY game in town.

But not much point in coming to the Forum again, so this will probably be my last visit.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fisk.
-- EstherD

Anthony Wells RE: farvel
Expert Contributor 4th May, 2015 15:37
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Hi Esther ,

I have learnt not to not argue with dolphins and so agree with all that you are saying .

The totally aleatoire/idiosyncratic nature of the PSI version 3 undoes all the efforts of the original Secunia developers and the lack of interest from the financial "experts" who have taken over and support going AWOL leaves us with little to contribute - apart from Maurice and ddm ; especially in view of the labyrinthic requirements to successfully log-in and post here .. It worries me that many users may be unaware that their malfunctioning PSI3 is leaving them exposed to the Vogons .

After a few kernel hook problems in the early Beta's my PSI has always run correctly - ignoring the SPS installers !!

V has transferred to W8.1.1 64 bit from my XP SP3 seamlessly . So ......

As the latest Chrome Stable browser severely limits 3rd party plug-ins and Firefox 37 has full user discretion available then Qualys' Browser check and Heimdal can now do the daily work and the PSI plus advisories can look at the more exotic apps./software .

For me , initial safety is still based on the tried and trusted "Sandboxie" and the new(ish) CryptoPrevent ; the PSI has fallen back to an aide-memoire , if I can remember to look at it :))))

Bye for now and take care



It always seems impossible until its done.
Nelson Mandela
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klausus02 RE: farvel
Member 4th May, 2015 17:54
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Hi Ester, hi Antony,

I totaly agree, also!

It is very sad to see how this formerly excelent forum is dying.

But who knows maybe Secunia is going to be sold. In this case I hope that the possibly new owner is able to learn from all the errors Secunia has made. PSI2 V is a good peace of software. Don't let the quality of PSI2 belittled by the lousy forum pages!

Bye for now and thanks all for help.

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