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lindzog secunia 2 and 3 not working
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Im having trouble with my long-established PSI 2 on Vista.
It wont complete a scan. The first problem began with it checking for connectivity, when it just used to hang forever. So I took steps read elswhere, such as marking Trusted in IE Security, and checking Active Script settings. That sorted the connecting issue, but then when a scan was started it would abort every time - going from start, to step 7 to abort.
Following further read advice I uninstalled and when I resintalled was given PSI 3. This scanned fine but then failed to complete 2 programme updates. 1 was Adobe Reader X1.11.x which kept saying it was updating, unendingly (an issue I see posted elsewhere) 2. a Micrsoft XML Core Services MSXML 4.x. "end-of-life", detected version 4.30.2117.0,. Microsoft Update does not offer this on a scan but Secunia does. It takes me to the website where Im offered the downloads, each of which fails to install due not being right for my OS apparently. So that aint good. In end I unintalled PSI 3 and, somehow, managed to find a PSI 2 download hidden away on the Secunia site. Ive installed it but am still stuck in scan abort. Anyone got any suggestions before I uninstall Secunia completely - which will be a shame after all this time? Is v 2 obsolete? It still works fine on my Win 7 machine. Even v 3 does not work right on the Vista machine. Ive no viruses or malware and run
McAfee. tks in anticipation.

ps..ive had to post this on a Mac due to the issue of not being able to write in the Topic box on Windows IE. Even struggled on Mac to select a subject. Update. I ve since discovered the MSMXL 4 issues posted elsewhere and am now aware that this may be something of a false detection by Secunia. Still haven't got a fix for the Scan Abort.


Anthony Wells RE: secunia 2 and 3 not working
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Hi ,

This forum website ""updated(!!)"" version makes it difficult to actively troubleshoot a problem and there is not even a remote possibility of Support looking in to help you .

My PSI version has always worked and is not to be consiered as obsolete in that it is more reliable (usually) than V3.x

The updating in any version using the Secunia automatic SPS silent installers has always been fraught with problems and is best disabled ; as has always been the case , the software's internal updater or website patches for manual download are to be preferred . Hopefully a manual update will solve your first problem .

The MSXML problem has been widely discussed on the Forum ; it is a major mistake from Secunia but you do need the latest/last version 4 patch if you are keeping version 4.x. Try and find one of Maurice Joyce's detailed explanations of your needs and options .

EDIT:- This is the long winded thread to give you everything anyone could ever think of for MSXML

The "abort" problem also appears regularly ; again you need to check the forum for possible answers . Version 2.x is to be preferred but if that is failing then V3.x should work as an "aide-memoir" but auto-updating is better disabled .

Hope that is of some help .

Let us know your progress .

Take care



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lindzog RE: secunia 2 and 3 not working
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Thank you for the reply. I have never used the auto update, thankfully, and always have it set to manual. Ive read quite a few of the threads on MSXML, including the excellent information provided by Maurice to whom I am also grateful. I had already done a manual update on the Adobe Reader and do appear to have the latest version. Its just that Secunia doesnt seem to know it because it can't do a scan any more. Ive not yet found the threads on resolving the Scan Abort issue but will have a look for them. I have a feeling this may end now with me uninstalling Secunia and trying out something else. I think Maurice recommended another. Its a shame as PSI used to be so good and reliable. Perhaps PSI 3 is better but I don't like the interface so much - based on the little I saw of it. Anyway tks again. If I make any progress, I'll update here, if the thread has not been closed.



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