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KenCrawford Greenfish Icon Editor Pro End of Life status?
Member 22nd Jul, 2015 13:43
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I looked for information concerning the PSI "Product Discontinued and "End of Life" status, and found no information to support this status. Anyone with information on this issue please bring me up to speed. Thanks!

I am currently using v.

mogs RE: Greenfish Icon Editor Pro End of Life status?
Member 24th Jul, 2015 21:29
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I can't find anything in the Secunia Database for Greenfish :-

Greenfish Icon Editor
Search terms can reference the advisory headline, body text, related software/OS, or CVE Reference. You can enclose search terms with " and ' for more accurate search results.
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Found: 0 Secunia Security Advisories, displaying 0-0

The reason seems to be that the product is no longer supported by the vendor....see at :-,,
Software development

Greenfish Corporation used to be a Hungarian software company currently producing only freeware. Our software was real freeware, free of malicious code including (but not limited to) viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, etc. when downloading or installing casino software and other applications.

Hope it helps.....regards......

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Maurice Joyce RE: Greenfish Icon Editor Pro End of Life status?
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Your programme is on the Secunia database - after a scan what status is Secunia giving you for it?

This is the only way a user can tell the status of any programme on the Secunia database. It is by no means foolproof - in the past (and I believe to this day) Secunia still rely on information from users if a programme is considered obsolete because they have no established mechanism to track every programme on their database.

If Secunia are stating that your programme is up to date I would challenge them to produce evidence. The programme has not been updated since 2012 and @Mogs has published details that clearly suggest your programme is not supported.

Other avenues like the programme blog also look very neglected.

Various well known update crawler sites - CNet - Softpedia and Software Informer for example still offer your programme for download but there is no guarantee it is supported or secure. I most certainly would not rely on anything offered from a third party crawler site as authentic or a valid reason to keep it.


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